Vegan "Whatever Veg are Left in my fridge" Soup Recipe

So it's been a year of being vegan and in that time I've mustered up a few great recipes and today's is no exception... Even my neighbour came round for a bowl... (she's my cousin by the way)😂😂😂
I had some veg that needed to be used and consisting of...

Baking Potatoes 1 kg of (Able & Cole)
Leeks - 600g 
Baby Parsnips 300g
Mangetout Peas 200g
Fine Green Beans 300g
3 Cloves of Garlic
2-3 litres of Water (based on preference)
1-2 Vegetable Stock Cubes (If you like)
1-2 tbsp Himalayan Pink Salt

1st of all I allow all my veg to soak in Alkaline Water for about 3 minutes - I do this with a Kangen machine (my friend sells them, so if you want info just pop me an email) because I had leeks which tend to be a bit muddy in between, I also used Vegi Wash.

So how did I get all of that in here you say... Chop it all up in the your preferred way.

        • Chop the cloves first and put them in,
  • Followed by the salt and thyme
  • Fill up your saucepan with all your veg in at the same time
  • Then fill up with 2 litres of water 
We have an induction hob, so please amend this to suit your cooking instruments.
  • Bring to  the boil
  • Then on a medium heat for about 30 mins
  • Then with a potato masher, gently mash the ingredients together and then bring the heat down to a very low heat. 
  • Cook for another 10 mins or so and hey presto, you'll get something that looks like this!👇👇👇 And tastes very yummy! Please give it a go and add your comments below