Essential Oils

It is like a romantic love story that expresses true Love and passion, which connects so deep, that the idea of a life without it, bares a thought provoking impossibility. That is how I feel about essential oils and the oils that I choose to work with. 

I can remember as a young girl, with a body full of eczema, my dad buying lavender oil and putting drops of them in my bath. I remember a sensation of having the best time, anytime and every time there was lavender in my bath. My body felt loved and this essence of being caressed all over, no itching, no sores, just pure bliss. Since this relationship was created, my adult years of finding oils as great of quality, became more and more challenging as the market developed. Although I would use oils, there had yet to be ones that caught me by a whiff which hadn't been watered down...

Then came May of 2015 - The launch of New Essential oils in AMERICA! I was always willing to try new oils, on my quest to find my home, so I bared the cost of having this limited and new exclusive launch of oils shipped to the UK. There was so much going on at the time and I knew I was in need of good quality oils.

The box arrived and like a child on Christmas day, the box was opened and every aspect of this package was inspected. Every oil was opened and from scent to scent, I fell deeper and deeper in love. I knew I was on to something and this was just the beginning. A small amount of oils in their range was enough to keep me going for as long as it took them to launch more. 
A delicate diffuser, with the options for lighting had me truly mesmerised. So, the diffuser went on with the first oils in there and it felt as it heaven had just burst into my room and told me that its location is here on earth! What I had no clue about, was how this love affair would lead into spiritual awakenings and my growing love and studies of aromatherapy. I have seen miracles take place, right before my eyes, with these very oils. From babies who can't sleep; instantly sleeping, to grown men who can't stay awake, to instantly waking up. 

These high grade oils, packed with wisdom, will most definitely have you falling in love and with my current knowledge and research, believe that it would be rather challenging to find oils like these anywhere else on the market. Most of you know my Lead Poisoning Story & most of these oils have contributed to improving mine and many of my clients lives.

There's nothing that I don't recommend Essential Oils for - headaches, to depression, auto-immune dis-eases to sleep issues. In my opinion, there is nothing that an Essential Oil doesn't have the ability to tap into! And please note that this is solely my opinion! There are 100’s of documentary’s talking on the amazing power of essential oils and one that articulates it so well for me, is The Truth about Cancer, this video, takes you straight into episode 2, I want to take you to a 20 minute section that explains the power of essential oils, even on cancer. From 46 mins to approximately 1hr.05 mins

"Essential oils can be obtained from plants and contain volatile aromas, which give these elements their characteristic odour. They are extracted from plants through steam distillation or expression (pressing the rinds). Nu Skin produces these oils using the 6S Quality Process. This means tight quality controls through all stages of product development. In addition, Nu Skin collaborated with one of the world’s leading ethnobotanists, Dr PaulCox, who studies the usage of botanicals by indigenous cultures and infuses this wisdom into our modern lifestyle."

I've had the greatest of pleasure in meeting this incredible man behind these oils, which may add to my love for them. There aren't many like him who walk this planet, but he'll sure make you feel like you are one of them. 
Another added benefit to these incredible inventions of his, is that each time someone buys a bottle of these oils a contribution is made to The Force For Good Foundation, which grows forests, feeds and nourishes children in 3rd world countries, provides eye & heart surgeries for children who would not be able to otherwise have them. So each time you purchase one of these oils, you are also improving the life of someone else! For me this gives me even greater pleasure in using these oils!

It may come as no surprise to you, that Dr Paul Cox began his journey looking for a cure to cancer, after loosing his mother to it. Through living in villages and studying profound tribes and their experiences with plants, he stumbled across many remedies to living a life close to nature. His work has not only bought us creams, lotions and masks, but therapies for ALS and Alzheimers, so to say this man is anything short of amazing, would be an underestimate. 

These Essential Oils are by far the best I've ever put in, or on my body. "...After entering the body, essential oils are purported to encourage a number of natural healing processes within the body. They help you relax and sleep better, for example, and may lower your blood pressure. Many people use essential oils to relax physically, emotionally, and mentally. Single oils and blends provide a variety of expressive aromas and solutions that uplift any routine or occasion."
One of my favourite people to follow for everything essential oil is Dr. Axe and one of my favourite and must have oils, is lavender. There is nothing I wouldn't use it for! 
Essentials are not just for Christmas, they are a way of life. For more information on essential oils, please feel free to contact me.