TR90 Continues and Day 30 approaches

Losing weight has many great feelings, confidence, ability to move better, ability to look at oneself in the mirror, but most of all, for me personally has been re-discovering my body. Bones showing, that had been hidden for years behind fat and one chin instead of two; as just two examples of the many things i have experienced. 

I share this with you for the same reason I started my blog. You either are or know someone who is feeling what I felt; or you know or you are, someone who wants to feel how I am feeling. 

Now many people have issues with weight, whether they are underweight or overweight. There is a global fascination with fat and skinny, mindsets that need to be realigned and people to be woken up to some realities. 

For me, the most important thing for a person to feel is happiness. In the current world, there are so few people who feel happy with many things, including themselves, with life, job, family etc... 
For a few years now, I have worked with helping people achieve their goals, from completing an essay to earning extra cash, to building a business resulting in financial and time freedom. The one thing that has really struck a chord with me, especially whilst being on TR90, is that I am feeling great about myself, which means I can better support the people I am helping. So whether you do this program or not, make sure you work on making yourself happy, so that you can make more people happier. 

Well, Today is day 28 on the AMAZING TR90 weight management system.
This is a program that aims to transfer lifestyle habits in 90 days. HOWEVER, this has personally changed my life and lifestyle habits in just a few. 

This photo, was one that was taken on day 15, after my 2nd weigh in. 

Since my last post I have seen the Old, Great, Vibrant, Fearless and Creative Me come back to life. Generally feeling happy, energetic and positive. Seeing and feeling the results of eating great, nutritional food has completely changed me as a person, as well as my relation to food.

When I first started the program, I had written down all the goals I wanted to achieve; My top 3 goals were:

1. To lose 28lbs - I wanted to lose 2 stones, as a main goal, as I didn't know what to expect from the system and if I was eating, would I really be able to lose a lot of weight?!!
2. I wanted to lose 7 inches from my waist. 
3. To be able to Run a marathon in 2014.

Well, as of Last Tuesday, Day 21 (12th November) My goal's are approaching a lot closer than I expected. 
1. lost 21lbs (Only more lbs to go, so I'm going to have to review this one)
2. I've lost 4 inches off my waist!! (With a total goal of 7 inches, I am going to keep to the same goal.)
3. Working on building myself to achieve this goal.

As I said in my first blog on the TR90 ( before I started), this is a weight management program, which is based on Genetic Science. Now trust me, I am NOT a doctor, nor a scientist; but I get it. It works. My body fat is more important than the number on the scales and my BMI! 
With being partnered with such a great company, I have access to some of the top scientists in the world; who produce products that change everyone's life who interacts with their products. Not many people have the pleasure of saying that; especially proving it! The thing I want to highlight the most, is that as I am losing this weight, it's only fat that is being lost and not muscle! So as my journey continues, I expect the weight loss to slow down; as muscle weighs more than fat. 

Everywhere I go I get complimented on my skin, how much weight I have lost, how much happier I look, and the truth is, that's exactly how I feel. It also makes me want to share my story with the world and let everyone know, who doesn't know or feel already, that there is hope, you can feel great about yourself, you can still eat and lose weight, you can gradually build up your exercise efforts and not have to jump in the deep end. You can feel great whilst changing your life, and you can still have a life. I have eaten at restaurants approximately 15 times since I've been on this plan. There is such a great pleasure in finding the healthy and tasty options on a menu. 

Now, the one continuous question I am being asked is "Do I have to Exercise?"  The simple answer is Yes. As I mentioned earlier, you can build up your exercise efforts; you don't have to start with the "Insanity" DVD, you can work up to it.  With exercise, it's so important to listen to your body, don't be lazy - you know the difference between the two. If you travel on public transport, take the stairs instead of the escalators/lift. If you drive, park further away from the shops and walk that extra bit. Every little bit that you do, counts!

If you are or know someone who wants to have a better relation to their body because of weight, (Under or Over) please be kind and share this information
You can get in touch with me, or to the person that directed you to this blog. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I will update my results on day 30 with photo's too...