TR90 Completed -

I stood in the mirror on the day of my friend’s wedding, looked at myself in the mirror and saw who I had become! A nearly 27 year old, who was weighing extra heavy, and wearing a size 22. Carrying weight that I could not handle, feeling it in my knees, struggling to walk a flight of stairs let alone anything else. It became the day that I had decided to change my life.
Although I began my journey in 2012, my real transformation began on the 22nd October 2013, where I embarked onto the 90-day transformation program (TR90).
Now the time has come and my TR90 has finished. It is a big day in many respects, as yesterday has marked the end of the program, the middle of my transformation and the beginning of my new life.
My experience of this program has exceeded my expectations. Although I understood the scientific angle of what TR90 was all about; I now stand at a point where I can tell you about it from experience and most importantly, from my heart.
I cannot fully put it into words, how this has changed my life, especially in comparison to the other 1000 diets I have done, but I will do my best. Those of you who know me will have a better understanding of how I feel.

In having completed the program, not only have I noticed the changes in my body, weight, understanding of food, protein and nutrition, I have truly noticed the change in my mind and my relation to food. In doing this program, it has opened me to an entirely new world of food and nutrition; eating for nutritional purposes rather than just for any old reason, which we all do from time to time, especially over the holiday seasons.

Although I have been smaller and lighter than I currently am, I have NEVER had the shape that I currently do; this, for me, has been one of the most exciting, confidence boosting experiences I have ever had, with any program. In the first 30 days, I had an amazing transformation with both my fat loss and body shape. I promised you all photos in my last blog, but I realised that I was not ready to show them to the world.
Now that my transformation is even greater, I am ready to share these with you.

For many years, or really for as long as I can remember, it has always been about what the scales said that has demotivated me; but not this time around. In the first 21 days of the program I had lost a whopping 21lbs (1 ½ Stones). In what I understood from the Global Convention, when Dr Joe Chang was speaking about what the scales tell us, was that actually, it is more important to know about the body fat percentage and not the weight is lbs or kgs. From day 30-44 I maintained the same result in regards to the scales, this did not disappoint me as I was expecting to maintain the weight, as I was now building muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat!

So what was different this time having had similar results from other programs?
Well, this is a weight management program and not a weight loss program, therefore not aimed at losing weight. This time I lost 1 ½ stones of fat, not muscle, I had more energy than I have ever had in general, let alone whilst being on a program. I did not have migraines, nor feel tired, hungry, bored of what I was eating; most importantly I did not find it challenging to eat. On the other hand, for the first time I had clarity, direction, understanding, confidence of what I was eating, eating more times in the day than I could have ever of fathomed before and in the meantime, I was watching my measurements reduce week in and week out.
My journey today continued, with the foods and plan that I have been using for the last 90days. The only difference now, is that I do not need to follow the plan because I know it. My journey in discovering great foods, from across the world will continue. 30 days from today, I will post my photos’ that I have taken today, and I will continue to show and document my transformation.

To the millions of people out there, who want to take control of their weight, I am talking to you, if you think you are too fat or too skinny and you want better for yourself, please do not give up hope, this has completely changed my life. For me, this is now a lifestyle and it’s what I now know about food and how eating with this specific plan has helped me to easily embrace this into my life.
If you are considering doing this program, speak to the person who directed you to this page, otherwise feel free to contact me. The one piece of advice I will give you from my heart to yours is, take this chance on yourself, and have a great quality life, open your world to things you haven’t seen or felt, whether that’s at all, or in a long time. Make sure that you are happy and comfortable with the body you wear, because it is only ever going to be you living in it.