Black Friday - There's still time to learn, earn & set yourself up for the a very Merry Christmas & a fantastic New Year!

With only a few days left to go, 
Black Friday is upon us and is set to beat last years mobile sales revenue. According to MashableUK "Black Friday 2016 was the first day to generate over a billion dollars in online sales from mobile devices. In 2016, Black Friday went digital. Continuing the surge of a record-breaking Thanksgiving Day online, Friday's internet retail numbers blew past the projected $3.05 billion in revenue and 11.3 percent year-over-year growth rate by almost $300 million for a record $3.34 billion and a massive 21.6 percent year-over-year growth rate. Most notably, Black Friday 2016 was the first day to generate over a billion dollars in online sales from mobile devices. The $1.2 billion spent on mobile was an increase of 33 percent from last year and accounted for 36 percent of total online sales for the day. Although it was a huge day for mobile, desktop purchases represented the majority of online sales with 64 percent, even with a 10 percent deficit in visits (45 percent to 55 percent for mobile). 
Within the mobile category, smartphones accounted for 45 percent of page visits and 24 percent of sales, while tablets made up around the same percentage of visits and purchases as Thanksgiving Day, with 10 and 11 percent, respectively."
1 BILLION in online sales through mobile devices in ONE DAY! Do you find that exciting? I do! 
Being an entrepreneur, with an online business, in one of the biggest global trends... it excites me a lot, partly because of the ability to evolve in the online market, and helping the increasing amount of people who want to earn an extra income. To do that you don't have to have had a business for a long time in order to be make money and be successful. 
What you require these days to have a successful business is a desire to earn, personally grow and learn!

You're not required have to a degree in business, heck you don't even need any form of qualifications! What you will need though, is to learn some skills to apply to your online business. As you may have seen from my other blogs, I am an online entrepreneur, helping others like you, who want more from life, to either earn an extra income, or completely replace it, all from starting with little to no investment... yes that's right I said NO investment, which means you don't have to put money down in order to start earning, but you will need to start "working".

So, here's a question for you... if you are given the chance to improve your life, starting right now, in any way, shape or form, through an online business, which will require 1-3 hours a day, (whichever suits you in the beginning) backed by a proven training system, where 1000's have become 6 figure earners, with mentors to help you succeed, are you ready to take that chance? 

Do what Sir Richard Branson says "If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you're not sure you can do it, say 'YES' then learn how to do it later"

If your first answer was YES... lets have a chat, you never know where it could lead to..!

The truth is, in having a conversation, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. You never know what's on the other side of the door, if you don't open it and have a look in. It is said that we only get two major opportunities in life and if this here is one of them, can you afford to give it a miss?
My industry generated in excess of $182,556 USD (millions) in 2016, an increase of 1.9% year on year! According to the WFDSA The United Kingdom had a 7.5% year on year increase, with it still being only 2% of the global industry turnover. Countries such as Romania, Russia & Netherlands also in excess of 11% growth each and up to 17% year on year. The reason I chose to share these statistics with you, is that from day 1, with your partnership with us, you can start building your network in any of these markets, well 50 markets to be exact and that's without having to leave the country. 
In 2014, the Health, Wellness and anti-ageing industry was set to be a trillion dollar industry by 2025, it's now set to reach that in 2018... GUYS!!! That's next year (or even 6 weeks away) This industry alone can set you and your family free from any financial stresses you may have or had. Social Media has made having a global business easier than ever before and the fact that we are seeing global growth in this industry, there really has not been a better time than now, to grow an online business, the company I am partnered with, as mentioned earlier, makes it easy for you to get started, there in no minimum investment fees. We can show you how to make money, before you buy any products with a proven training system, that will have you and your customers feeling great and looking your best! There's no greater gift, than the gift of making a decision. So my final question to you is this... Is today the day you say ENOUGH?!