Mummy to be...

So the time has come for me to be a mum. It feels so surreal because it's what I have wanted for so long, but it lights up my heart to say: I'm Pregnant 🤰!!

The levels of excitement & happiness have reached an all time high!! I wake up in the morning with this incredible feeling of love and happiness and this blog is a bit about my journey so far, including how my partner and I announced our pregnancy.

We knew for a couple of months before we decided to announce anything to anyone.
But the day came for the pregnancy test and boy was that the longest 45 seconds of my life!!
In my head, I had it all planned out, how I would announce to him, with a gift box with baby booties, the results and a beautiful message I had written from the baby, but it didn't quite go like that! 🤣. I did the test & I knew in my heart what the results was, but when I saw that it was a positive! My heart was pounding, I ran into our bedroom, where he was working away comfortably and announced... "I'm pregnant" I sat next to him, showed him the results and it was there our journey begun.
From tracking my journey, I knew I was approximately 10 weeks at this point. The first thing I did was book in a private scan, as I wanted to make sure the baby was all good, and so we did.
Our first scan and we met our precious creation, a little mover, with a strong heartbeat and from there on I was deeper in love with my partner and our baby. As we were walking from the clinic back to the car, we started talking about when to announce and we decided to wait another month for Mothers Day. So that's exactly what we did.

An extra month of our little secret and I'm not going to lie, as much as I wanted to tell the world, I was really enjoying nobody knowing. It made me withdraw a bit, as I didn't want people to notice that I was pregnant, as my bump was showing more and more. I was releasing a lot of weight as I had no appetite, so whilst I was shrinking in some parts, my belly was popping out more and more; so baggy clothes and oversized shirts became my best friend!
This month gave my creative mind the ability to get my creativity into gear, on how we would announce to our loved ones our beautiful news!
These are what I came up with, to gift them with personalised biscuits. It was an inspired moment and as things always have a way of working out in these ways, I stumbled across the lovely and incredibly talented @Artemis_Treats on Instagram and asked if she could create my idea, of course she said yes

We decided to gift our mothers with a Grandma & Yiayia (grandma in Greek) to be preparation box: with a dummy, booties, & baby grow biscuits. The moment itself will be one that will never leave our memories.
The weekend continued and I told my close friends and then my brother, sister-in-law and their children. The more people we told, the more our dream became real. We announced to our immediate family with these beautiful biscuits, which made the entire experience a lot more sweeter.

The truth of the matter is, it doesn't matter how you tell people you're having a baby, everyone will be happy. It was a profound moment with each person we told. The amount of love the news of an addition to the family brings is unimaginable. Some days it really hits me, that my dream is actually my reality and today more than ever before in my life, more of my dreams are coming into alignment.

I'm now 21 weeks and can honestly say since week 14 I have been so in love with my journey and truly loved being pregnant so far. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this incredible journey and of course, becoming a mum! In my blogs to come I will talk about my revelations and inspirations that I may be able to pass onto Mum's, Mum's to be and even those who are trying to have babies.
I will also talk about Hypnobirthing and this method that I have completely fallen in love with.